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May 8, 2012

How to import from the web

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Importing a song from the web is the easiest, and most messy, method of getting songs into your songbook. The idea is exactly the same as importing local files, except that you get them from the internet. This makes sense, since you probably got most of your songs from the internet anyways. The problem is that web pages often have lots of other “stuff” on the page along with the song. You can still import it directly into the app, but you will most likely have to clean the song up before using it.

The clean way to import from the web.
Find the song you are looking for online. Once you have found it, view the printable page (it usually has less “stuff” on the page). Then copy the song and paste it into a simple text file. Remove all the extra “stuff” from the song, and then import the song locally. Follow the instructions for importing a local file.

The messy way to import from the web.

  • Remove imported category (optional)
  • Go to the New Screen
  • Type in the web address
  • Watch it import
  • View the imported songs (optional)
  • 1. Remove imported category (optional)
    When you are done importing songs, it is nice if you can view only the newly imported songs. This is possible, but you need to clear the previously imported songs. This uses the category feature. You can create a category and apply it to different songs. When a song is imported it is automatically added to the “imported” category. (If there is no imported category, it is created.)
    To clear this, open up a song (it can be any song). Edit the song and select the category field. A list of categories will be displayed. Select the “imported” category and delete it. Now nothing belongs to the imported category. After you import your songs only those songs will belong to this category.

    2. Go to the New Screen
    To import songs, you need to be on the New Screen. Just press the button.

    3. Type in the web address
    Type in the address of the page containing the song. Press the import button. Wait for a second while it attempts to connect to the web server.

    4. Watch it import
    Sit back and watch. First the file is read to find songs, then each song is processed. You can watch the progress of importing songs.

    5. View the imported songs (optional)
    After your songs are imported you might want to view the songs that were added. Go to the Find screen to view all the songs. Then filter the songs by the “imported” category. This will narrow the list of songs to the ones imported.

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