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May 8, 2012

How to import through sync

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You can sync two devices together. That way they will contain the same songs. (NOTE that if both devices separately imported a song, it will appear twice after the sync.) This is a great way to get your songs in the songbook using your computer (where it is easier to type), and then sync them over to your mobile device. There are two requirements for syncing.

  1. Both devices must be on the same network (like WIFI). It is possible over the internet, but it takes special setup of the network which is beyond the scope of this document.
  2. One of the devices must be a desktop version. (That means no mobile to mobile sync. If this is a feature you need, let me know.)

For clarity we will call the desktop application the SERVER and the other application (mobile or desktop) the CLIENT.

1. Go to the Sync Screen
Do the following on the CLIENT and the SERVER.
First you need to goto the settings screen. From there you can press the sync button to get to the Sync Screen.
2. Enter the address
On the CLIENT enter the SERVER Address. The SERVER address will be displayed at the top.
If you have already synced before, you can select the device from the list and it will automatically fill in the address.
3. Connect the two devices
On the CLIENT, press the connect button.
4. Wait for the sync to complete
Now it is just a waiting game while the two devices talk. You can goto other screens while it is syncing (it will disconnect when finished).
Do NOT disconnect the devices from the network while they are syncing. Doing so may make the applications think they are synced when they aren’t.

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